Boston Bruins: The Downward Spiral

March 20, 2011

The Boston Bruins lost to the Maple Leafs 5-2 on Saturday night.  At least, that’s what I read.

I, like most of the Bruins faithful, turned the game off after 2 periods.  My beloved Bruins are in panic mode, folks.

Health is no longer a factor, Andrew Ference and Steve Kampfer has returned.  Learning the system should no longer be a factor, it’s been weeks since Kaberle, Kelly and Peverley joined the fold.  But the Bruins continue to struggle mightily.

Their Power Play is absolutely dreadful.  How Doug Jarvis still has his job, I am not sure.  Their 5 on 5 play leaves a lot to be desired as well.  Claude Julien is still struggling to find the right line combinations with the new guys and for some reason, he considers Chris Kelly to be Patrice Bergeron-Lite, when in actuality he’s more like Diet Dan Paille.

Speaking of Bergy, his play has dropped off considerably, but then again, so has everyone’s.

I’m not sure what a quick answer for this team is.  Score a Power Play goal?  Get a regulation win?  Pitch a shut out?

The B’s have 11 games before the playoffs.  They need to trend up as they enter the gauntlet.


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

March 13, 2011

Puck Moving Pariah

I’m a positive person, generally, but when it comes to the sports teams I love I’m borderline fatalistic.

As a Boston fan, how can you not be?  Sure we became the City of Champions from 2001-2008, but in the years before that, my formative years, we were fairly torturous.

The past few years have been tough as well, especially for my beloved Bruins who have decided to bow out of the playoffs in the most painful ways possible.

2008: Plucky underdogs pick up the #8 seed and shockingly take their most hated rivals, the Canadiens, to 7 games.

Pain factor: Stinging, but inspiring.  They were not supposed to be there.

2009: #1 seed Bruins draw the over-matched Carolina Hurricanes in the 2nd round.  After refusing to adjust their breakout, they are taken to a 7th game by the ‘Canes where Scott Walker, a villain for sucker-punching Aaron Ward and not being suspended, scores the game winner on a fluke rebound in OT.

Pain factor: Brutal

2010: The Bruins upset the Sabres for a seemingly favorable match up with the goaltender-less Philadelphia Flyers.  After going up in the series 3-0, they lose David Krejci to a wrist injury and lose 3 straight.  To compound that, they blow a 3-0 lead in Game 7 to officially choke away the series.

Pain factor: Devastating

So, in 2011, I’m wondering how my beloved B’s will destroy their Stanley Cup dreams.  This season has already been a rollercoaster (currently they’re in the midst of  a 3 Loss – 7 Win – 4 Loss streak sandwich.)

I’m thinking that they’ll somehow get matched up with the Washington Capitals, go to a Game 7 (obviously), where Puck Moving Pariah Dennis Wideman (traded from the B’s to the Panthers in the offseason and then again to the Capitals at the trade deadline) will score the game winner in OT.

God, I hope I’m wrong.

Bruins Continue to Look Less Than Average

November 4, 2009


Marco Sturm

Boston’s Marco Sturm hit the deck but couldn’t hit the net as Chris Osgood turned his bid aside. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press



Remember when our very own Top Jeff posted this: Jeff called out the pompous Bill Simmons and basically said Phill Kessel was pulling a Brett Favre and holding the Bruins hostage. Good riddance! Who needs his scoring prowess anyways, right?

The Bruins are 6-7-1 to start the season and are scoring 2.21 goals/game, which places them as the 4th worst scoring team in the NHL so far. The B’s have been shutout in their last two games in New York and in Detroit, and now return home to face their arch-rivals Montreal.

Right now the B’s clearly miss Marc Savard and Milan Lucic but could this also be a sign that not trying to take care of Phil Kessel was a huge mistake?

BREAKING NEWS: Milan Lucic Signs 3-Year Contract Extension

October 6, 2009

Bruins forward, BSN mancrush and re-arranger of faces Milan Lucic has signed a three year contract extension with the Boston Bruins.

HUGE move to get this deal done now.  Lucic was set to become a Restricted Free Agent at the end of this season, and we all remember how that worked out for Phil Kessel.

Looch has “Future Captain” written all over him (don’t try to wipe it off, or he’ll kick your ass.)

This is a great day for Bruins fans as it shows the team is willing to keep its young hard-working nucleus together for years to come.

Hello Milan

September 26, 2009

The Boston Sports Network’s favorite black and gold man crush Milan Lucic was at it again last night.  In the second to last preseason game of the year he squared off with Chris Neil.  It didn’t go so well for Mr. Neil.

Why You Should Boo Phil Kessel

September 22, 2009

Apologies for the delay on weighing in on the weekend’s Phil Kessel trade.  I was in the woods of Maine when it went down and news did not travel down the Kennebec River.  I will have a full-on reaction to the trade in tomorrow’s podcast, but first I want to get to something more pressing: Why Bruins fans should boo Phil Kessel every chance they get.

I didn’t think this needed to be explained until I saw this.

Yes, that’s Bill Simmons ignorantly blasting the Kessel deal to his 800,000+ followers on Twitter.  I think if Bill had a better grasp on the situation he’d recognize Phil Kessel for what he truly is:  the biggest villain in Boston sports since Johnny Damon.

Dont worry, Phil.  Mike Komisarek will protect you!  Oh wait...

Don't worry, Phil. Mike Komisarek will protect you! Oh wait...

1) Phil Kessel had been planning not to wear black and gold since last year. There are reports that Kessel turned down $4+ million dollar offers from the B’s since the get-go because he no longer wanted to be in Boston.  Apparently he had his mind made up that he was not going to return to Boston.  This is especially significant because the Bruins signed David Krejci for $3.5m and they widely regard him as a more important player.

2) Phil Kessel will hold a grudge if a coach coaches. Also reported was Kessel’s unhappiness with Coach Claude Julien ever since he was benched in 3 playoff games.  It’s no secret that Julien preaches defensive responsibility for his forwards.  Apparently what was good for Marc Savard (a player perceived to be one dimensional before being molded by Julien) was not good for Kessel.  So, Phil got benched.  The move seemed to light a fire under him, but apparently it got so hot he needed to get the hell out of Boston.

3) Phil Kessel held the Bruins hostage. If the Bruins had their choice on who to deal Kessel to, it would’ve been to the Nashville Predators.  One, he’d be out of the division and they’d only have to see him once, maybe twice a year.  Two, the Predators were reportedly offering a better package of picks and prospects (Wilson and Blum were mentioned.)  But, Phil didn’t want to play in Nashville, he wanted to be the biggest star in the biggest city.  If traded to Nashville, he wouldn’t sign and the Leafs would’ve just offer sheet-ed him anyway.  Total dick move.

Bruins Classic Jersey = CONFIRMED (Plus a Juicy Jersey Tidbit)

September 17, 2009

Yesterday I was able to confirm that the leak we’ve been seeing around the webs, including right here on The Boston Sports Network, is legit.

Now, this may not come as a major shocker, I mean, why would Tim Thomas take a photo with Carrie Milbank (yes, that’s her name, stop asking) in a fake jersey?  Throwing off jersey geeks like me is probably not priority one with the Bruins, though it may be higher than signing Phil Kessel.  So that’s why I’ve got a new bit of info to sate everyone’s palates for tonight’s release.

What will the number and nameplate font be?  That’s still undecided!

Not the biggest scoop of all time, but apparently it still hasn’t been chosen.  That could be the reason for this:

All Season Ticket Holders can apply their 15% Pro-Shop discount to their purhcase of their Winter Classic jersey and receive free shipping.  Lettering will not be included. In addition, by pre-ordering your jersey at the ‘State of the Bruins,’ you will be guaranteed your jersey prior to the Winter Classic and receive a Winter Classic gift.

So, what will the back look like?  Will they even use a nameplate?  They didn’t in the combination of the two past uniforms their using to make the hybrid Classic jersey:

1948-49 jersey (from

1948-49 jersey (from

1958-59 jersey (From

1958-59 jersey (From

So, on the morning of the unveiling, that’s the latest news regarding the Bruins Winter Classic jersey.

Due to work, I won’t be attending the Classic tonight, so stay tuned for the latest updates both here and on Icethetics.

Also, if you haven’t yet listened, check out Josh and I’s 1st ever Podcast.  I think it’s pretty good, and I’m totally, totally unbiased.  I swear!