Our 2nd Podcast is Here

September 23, 2009

Here’s a link to the 2nd Boston Sports Network Podcast.

Today’s podcast touches on: VS and NESN’s horrible TV Lineups, Jeff’s plea for Lil’ Wayne to join him at a Bruins game and we answer the BSN Podcast Mailbag.

Special thanks to Nick Maine for the audio help.


Submit Podcast Questions

September 22, 2009

Hey everyone,

Here’s your chance to get involved in our podcast.  Submit questions to us in the comments below, or e-mail them to us at thebostonsportsnetwork@gmail.com.

We’ll answer them live on tape!


Bruins Classic Jersey = CONFIRMED (Plus a Juicy Jersey Tidbit)

September 17, 2009

Yesterday I was able to confirm that the leak we’ve been seeing around the webs, including right here on The Boston Sports Network, is legit.

Now, this may not come as a major shocker, I mean, why would Tim Thomas take a photo with Carrie Milbank (yes, that’s her name, stop asking) in a fake jersey?  Throwing off jersey geeks like me is probably not priority one with the Bruins, though it may be higher than signing Phil Kessel.  So that’s why I’ve got a new bit of info to sate everyone’s palates for tonight’s release.

What will the number and nameplate font be?  That’s still undecided!

Not the biggest scoop of all time, but apparently it still hasn’t been chosen.  That could be the reason for this:

All Season Ticket Holders can apply their 15% Pro-Shop discount to their purhcase of their Winter Classic jersey and receive free shipping.  Lettering will not be included. In addition, by pre-ordering your jersey at the ‘State of the Bruins,’ you will be guaranteed your jersey prior to the Winter Classic and receive a Winter Classic gift.

So, what will the back look like?  Will they even use a nameplate?  They didn’t in the combination of the two past uniforms their using to make the hybrid Classic jersey:

1948-49 jersey (from NHLUniforms.com)

1948-49 jersey (from NHLUniforms.com)

1958-59 jersey (From NHLuniforms.com)

1958-59 jersey (From NHLuniforms.com)

So, on the morning of the unveiling, that’s the latest news regarding the Bruins Winter Classic jersey.

Due to work, I won’t be attending the Classic tonight, so stay tuned for the latest updates both here and on Icethetics.

Also, if you haven’t yet listened, check out Josh and I’s 1st ever Podcast.  I think it’s pretty good, and I’m totally, totally unbiased.  I swear!

Oh, Shit. We’re Podcasting

September 16, 2009

Josh and I just recorded our first podcast and think it went pretty well.

Take a listen here.

In this installment we talked about Jerod Mayo’s injury, Junior Seau’s new reality show, the Bruins Winter Classic jersey, Dice-K’s return and whether or not it’s ok to watch Mean Girls instead of the Sox.

Special thanks to our homie Nick Maine who hosted this podcast and is helping us get it into the iTunes Store so you can subscribe!


We’d love your feedback, and we’d love to get some questions that we’ll answer in our next podcast.  Ask them in the comments section below!