Farewell Jewish Jordan

September 17, 2009
Image courtesy of Matthew Funtime

Image courtesy of Matthew Funtime

It’s a sad day for the Chosen People as Tamir Goodman, our Great White Ginger Hope, called it quits.

Goodman was a highly touted prospect out of Maryland that just happened to be an Orthodox Jew.  His star rose after a Sports Illustrated profile was written about him and the 35 points he dropped on a no traif diet.  The fact that he was doing this against other schmoes while playing for a Talmudical school didn’t bother SI.  You see, Tamir also played pick-up games in Baltimore and held his own against street ballers (read: Black people.  For some reason, Sports Illustrated really harped on this part.)  SI proclaimed him the real deal, the Jewish Jordan.

Maryland also believed the hype.  The Terps gave him a scholarship to play ball, but they couldn’t accommodate his religious needs (no practices or games on Fridays or Saturday mornings) and he backed out of his commitment to play there.

Next stop: Towson Tigers!  Tamir essentially did nothing as a member of the Tigers, then famously quit after 2 years saying his coach was anti-semitic.

Now, I had the pleasure of seeing Tamir Goodman play in person.  Or at least I think I did.  He wasn’t exactly the most memorable baller in Towson’s 61-60 win over Hofstra back in 2001-02.  In fact, I can’t even remember if he made it into the game.  It was probably his Jew hating coach that kept him riding pine.  Actually, Im pretty sure the same guy threw pennies at me after the win.

So, Tamir, as we set to celebrate the New Year this weekend, we fondly remember those 6 months of hype that let others know Jews could kick ass at sports, before you ruined it all by, indeed, sucking at basketball.


Oh, Shit. We’re Podcasting

September 16, 2009

Josh and I just recorded our first podcast and think it went pretty well.

Take a listen here.

In this installment we talked about Jerod Mayo’s injury, Junior Seau’s new reality show, the Bruins Winter Classic jersey, Dice-K’s return and whether or not it’s ok to watch Mean Girls instead of the Sox.

Special thanks to our homie Nick Maine who hosted this podcast and is helping us get it into the iTunes Store so you can subscribe!


We’d love your feedback, and we’d love to get some questions that we’ll answer in our next podcast.  Ask them in the comments section below!

Adopted College Football Teams

September 5, 2009

There are no good college football teams in the Northeast.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • UCONN isn’t established enough.
  • Syracuse perennially blows, despite being on TV in Boston every fucking weekend.
  • Boston College has a history of choking that is almost unrivaled.  Also, no one cares about them.  To wit:  Boston is a sports mad town, just rabid.  The Revolution led the MLS in attendance for about a decade, for Christ’s sake.  That being said, I only know one person who has ever attended a BC Eagles game.  It was my brother and he was 12.  I don’t even know where Alumni Stadium is and I fucking lived in Newton for 3 years.

So, this leads many a person up here to adopt a team.   More than likely, it’s your alma mater or a family member’s.  Well, not many people I know went to BCS schools.  My middle brother and I both went to I-AA schools (aka Division I Football Championship Subdivision blah blah blah) and as you can tell by this “action” photo between our two alma maters, rooting for I-AA schools is fucking stupid:

Hofstra. URI. Feel the intensity!

Hofstra. URI. Feel the intensity!

So, we’re left elsewhere to find our NCAA rooting interests.  Here are mine:

– Arizona Wildcats – My youngest brother smartened up and decided to go to a school known better for athletics than academics (sorry Mom) so the Wildcats have become a rooting interest.  Yea, they’re Pac-10 and definitely not the best in the conference, but that makes it more fun to cheer them on.  Also, Arizona – Arizona State remains the only big time college football game I’ve ever attended.  The result was fantastic:

– Texas Longhorns – You know how vacation destinations hold a special place in your heart?  Well, Austin’s like that for me and, consequently, so are the Longhorns.

I made my first trip to Austin for the 2005 Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Best. City. Ever.  3 months later, the Longhorns beat USC to win a National Title in the greatest college football game I’ve ever watched.

The following year, my friends and I walked UT’s campus (gorgeous) then snuck into Darrel K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium a few days before the 2006 version of ACL Fest.  Just amazing.  It was like walking into the Coliseum for the first time.  Especially considering I was used to this.

So, BCS orphans, who do you root for?  I’ve noticed lots of Facebook love for Michigan and Notre Dame today.  Where do your loyalties lie?

John Calipari Leads Another Team to the Terrific Three

August 20, 2009
Will Coach Cal lead Kentucky to a Terrific Three?

Will Coach Cal lead Kentucky to a Terrific Three?

The ruling is schedule to come out tonight, but does anyone doubt that former Memphis head coach John Calipari will have his 2007-2008 season vacated? While Coach Cal is not implicated in the current case he will lose an NCAA single-season record 38 wins and yet another run to the Final Four. The major issue is an alleged fraudulent SAT score by none other than the star of that Memphis team Derrick Rose.

Seems eerily similar to 1996 when Calipari’s shady leadership qualities brought UMass to a Final Four only to have that run vacated as well. For Memphis fans that might mean a trip back to mediocrity for the next 10+ years and who knows maybe they’ll hire Bruiser Flint and Steve Lappas in the process.

Does anyone think Kentucky knows what they’re getting themselves into? I mean I guess it’s not as bad as having unprotected sex with a woman who isn’t your wife in a restaurant and then paying her $3,000 to kill the fetus (hello Rick Pitino thanks for setting the Celtics back a decade with your love for Travis Knight, Chris Mills and Kenny Anderson), but then again Pitino’s Final Four banners are all still hanging from the rafters.