Boston Bruins: The Downward Spiral

The Boston Bruins lost to the Maple Leafs 5-2 on Saturday night.  At least, that’s what I read.

I, like most of the Bruins faithful, turned the game off after 2 periods.  My beloved Bruins are in panic mode, folks.

Health is no longer a factor, Andrew Ference and Steve Kampfer has returned.  Learning the system should no longer be a factor, it’s been weeks since Kaberle, Kelly and Peverley joined the fold.  But the Bruins continue to struggle mightily.

Their Power Play is absolutely dreadful.  How Doug Jarvis still has his job, I am not sure.  Their 5 on 5 play leaves a lot to be desired as well.  Claude Julien is still struggling to find the right line combinations with the new guys and for some reason, he considers Chris Kelly to be Patrice Bergeron-Lite, when in actuality he’s more like Diet Dan Paille.

Speaking of Bergy, his play has dropped off considerably, but then again, so has everyone’s.

I’m not sure what a quick answer for this team is.  Score a Power Play goal?  Get a regulation win?  Pitch a shut out?

The B’s have 11 games before the playoffs.  They need to trend up as they enter the gauntlet.


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