My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Puck Moving Pariah

I’m a positive person, generally, but when it comes to the sports teams I love I’m borderline fatalistic.

As a Boston fan, how can you not be?  Sure we became the City of Champions from 2001-2008, but in the years before that, my formative years, we were fairly torturous.

The past few years have been tough as well, especially for my beloved Bruins who have decided to bow out of the playoffs in the most painful ways possible.

2008: Plucky underdogs pick up the #8 seed and shockingly take their most hated rivals, the Canadiens, to 7 games.

Pain factor: Stinging, but inspiring.  They were not supposed to be there.

2009: #1 seed Bruins draw the over-matched Carolina Hurricanes in the 2nd round.  After refusing to adjust their breakout, they are taken to a 7th game by the ‘Canes where Scott Walker, a villain for sucker-punching Aaron Ward and not being suspended, scores the game winner on a fluke rebound in OT.

Pain factor: Brutal

2010: The Bruins upset the Sabres for a seemingly favorable match up with the goaltender-less Philadelphia Flyers.  After going up in the series 3-0, they lose David Krejci to a wrist injury and lose 3 straight.  To compound that, they blow a 3-0 lead in Game 7 to officially choke away the series.

Pain factor: Devastating

So, in 2011, I’m wondering how my beloved B’s will destroy their Stanley Cup dreams.  This season has already been a rollercoaster (currently they’re in the midst of  a 3 Loss – 7 Win – 4 Loss streak sandwich.)

I’m thinking that they’ll somehow get matched up with the Washington Capitals, go to a Game 7 (obviously), where Puck Moving Pariah Dennis Wideman (traded from the B’s to the Panthers in the offseason and then again to the Capitals at the trade deadline) will score the game winner in OT.

God, I hope I’m wrong.


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