Celtics-Lakers: Anything is Possibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


5 Responses to Celtics-Lakers: Anything is Possibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. Thomas Wesphaguson says:

    Games 2–The Celtics weren’t suppose…
    I was watching Paul Gasol out scoring Kevin–with a fist! I was watching Bynum dunking. LAYUPS!!!–Rasheed Wallace pissed! I was watching “BABY” hustling, banging, passing straight to Ray! EIGHT THREE POINTERS!!!!!!!!! RONDO TRIPLES!!! CELTICS UPSETS! As for K? Just smiling…
    I was watching Jackson smiling–thinking “Lakers gon’ come back!” I was watching Rivers, laughing–“Yeah, when Russ Limbaugh turns Black!” I was watching Denzel frowning, like he’d never seen them lose. I was watching Penny Marshall look confused!
    It’s just a loss…sore losers!
    I was watching Bill and Kareem, halftime, words of praise for John. Although WOODEN wouldn’t say it: “MANY GREATS LIKE HIM HAVE GONE!” And as I watched these two grandfathers speak of days when John helped both. Its only fitting they’d remember before the sepulchre was closed. “Thanks, Mr. Wooden!”
    I saw Ron Artest foul out, as if that’s something we should mourn. I saw Rondo steal from Kobe (who’d been blowing his own horn.) I heard Paul Pierce use the N word (don’t mean “Natural” or “Norm!”) I saw ex-Laker, Norm Nixon, watching RAY ALLEN get warm–with those three pointers.
    Yes, I was watching what I watched because my ex- was for the _______. I was thrilled to see the verdict since she said “THE CELTICS CAN’T…” I was hearing all the braggers, who had saved to bet– L.A. Now they owed more than BC…(and that’s BC, on a ‘good’ day!) It’s just a game (smiling)!
    by Thomas Wesphaguson

  2. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Thanks for the lengthy comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the C’s win! Tough Game 3, but I think they bounce back nicely in Game 4. It’s going to be tough, but the C’s HAVE to take these next two in order to have a chance to win the title.

  3. Thomas Wesphaguson says:

    GAME 3: Well!

    I was watching Kevin redeem, 25 on Paul Gasol, Ray almost had a new record (13 straight that wouldn’t fall). Rondo did his usual multi-, tried to bring the CELTICS back, but when Laker Talls get 10 each (rebounds)… and BAD CALLS, someone’s OFF TRACK.


    Kobe boy had done no better, going 10 for 29, and with Fischer ever hustling, shooting, it’s not yet his time. Lakers won game 3 in Boston, but the next two we’ll show up. Until then Ray practice shooting,

  4. Thomas Wesphaguson says:

    GAME 3: Well!!!

    Kevin had an astounding comeback, with a game for 25.
    Perfect Ray was not so lucky, only 2 point from the line.
    But he almost had a record! Field Goals! missing all 13! Yes, the record 0 for 14? Had to’ve loss some self esteem!

    Laker TALLBOYS, they had 10 each (rebounds)–BANGING at the boards! Rondo dishing, dashing, Piercing! (this time without the N word)

    Kobe didn’t do much better, going 10 for 29.
    Not 13, but 19 MISSES! How’d he take the win?

    Boston had a chance to comeback–brought the laker lead to 1. They were down by 17. As they would make their CELTIC RUN!

    But the Leprechauns just couldnt bring them over. Allen only needed 13 four leaf clovers! Allen shot so bad, RAY CHARLES came from his grave.
    Told Allen: “SHOOT LIKE THIS..” Don’t mess up my good name.

    Doc Rivers said, “The Refs….” But wasn’t bout’ the FINES. Jackson talked BS, but we’re shut him up next time.

  5. Thomas Wesphaguson says:

    Another year has come and we have even added Shaq. We have also the OTHER ONEAL, MIAMI, INDY DONT WANT BACK. Rasheed retired, after cometh no ring 2. But the real job will be what Doc has yet to do.
    If he can manage 3 stars, teach a 4th one how to lead..survive Rasheed, with production, two more has beens, will be a breeze.

    Shaq has rings and nothing to prove but his mere love for the game. The younger Oneal? Opportunity! And a chance to redeem his name.

    Cels will be there.

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