Celtics Cruise Past Bobcats and Some NBA Ramblings

Super sub Rasheed Wallace enjoyed a few laughs on the bench as the C's cruised past the Bobcats in the home opener.

Super sub Rasheed Wallace enjoyed a few laughs on the bench as the C's cruised past the Bobcats in the home opener.

It took Charlotte nearly five minutes to score their first basket and at that point you could tell that the Celtics defense was in postseason form even though this was just the home opener. The Cs pulled away in the 3rd quarter and the majority of the 2nd half turned into garbage time with J.R. Giddens and Lester Hudson (I still think Hudson will be able to contribute in this League) racking up the minutes while The Landlord, Shelden Williams, put forth a solid effort off the bench posting 12 points (8-11 from the line), 9 rebounds and 3 assists in 22 minutes. 

After two games we still don’t know how healthy KG will look as the season goes on, but posting a 92-59 victory at home in which Garnett only has to play 26 minutes is an encouraging sign and will hopefully allow KG to stay rested for the playoffs. We did learn that newcomer Rasheed Wallace refuses to shoot anything inside the arc. Last night Wallace was 3-8 from the field with all of those attempts coming from deep. Wallace is 6-14 from 3 so far and if he’s shooting at that clip throughout the season there should be no complaints from the fans.

Led by Rondo’s 11 assists the C’s moved the ball around posting 27 assists on 33 fg’s and kept the turnovers to a minimum with only 12 turnovers. One complaint offensively would have to be 29 3-point attempts, but the defense was once again the story and will be for the rest of the season.

In other NBA news the LeBron-Shaq(tus) experiment is off to an ugly 0-2 start after Andrea Bargnani lit up Cleveland for 28 leading the Raptors past the Cavs despite LeBron’s triple-double.

Orlando appears to be deeper than I originally thought although they still have 81 games to go. After 1 game though the Magic’s reserves looked solid and it will only get deeper once Rashard Lewis returns from his 10 game suspension and Pietrus or Anderson shift back to the bench.

The Spurs got the steal of the draft in DeJuan Blair (drafted 37th after household names Victor Claver, BJ Mullens and Christian Eyenga to name a few) who dropped 14 points (7-10 fg) to go along with 11 rebounds and 3 assists in 23 minutes.

Lastly a shout-out to our loyal reader Jorgito and now that that’s out of the way I have to rip him. Time to move on from your love affair with Ricky Rubio. He may or may not be a good player when he finally has the balls to play in the NBA, but until then Minnesota has a better PG on their roster who has proven something night in and night out on a high level in the Big East. Jonny Flynn, in his debut, helped the T-Wolves erase a 19-point deficit by scoring 13 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter. That’s right an NBA team that plays Brian Cardinal for 20 minutes is now 1-0 to open the season while the Cavs are 0-2. 

Life is good!


One Response to Celtics Cruise Past Bobcats and Some NBA Ramblings

  1. Jorgito says:

    Never will I move on from my mancrush with Ricky Rubio. NEVER!

    Fun and joke aside, I’ve always liked Jonny Flynn. All 5’2 of him. I just think he has a ceiling; he’ll be good, maybe great, but never transcend. Rubio has the potential to transcend. Potential being the key word, obviously.

    I give Ricky credit for manning up and giving Minny and their incompetent front office a big F-U. His way or the highway.

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