Every Erection is a Miracle

By far one of the best off-season acquisitions

Larry David is a brilliant man for that statement in last week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but so is Danny Ainge and how he was able to acquire Marquis Daniels this off-season for the bi-annual exception. Daniels took a significant pay cut from last season’s salary in order to have the chance to win a title here in Boston and only make $1.9 million for the season.

As I stated in my season preview I think Daniels will end up being the biggest addition to this team (outside of KG returning from an injury of course). His ability to play both guard positions will allow Doc to successfully experiment with lineups during the regular season and get some rest for the starters. Daniels looked ok last night (led the C’s in plus/minus) but he will without a question grow into this role and pick up more than 18 minutes/game.

Last night was a great way to start the season, but after starting last year 27-2 and winning 62 games but still falling short in the 2nd round we know it’s about how you finish. With that said the Celtics ended an 8 game losing streak in Cleveland and also ended a 16 game road losing streak in this series. The Cavs won their first 23 home games last season so for LeBron and Shaq to drop their home opener is more than just any other game.

Shaq did come ready with a great quote regarding Glen “Wyc Grousbeck won’t call me Big Baby” Davis and his thumb injury:

O’Neal joked that he would miss injured Boston forward Glen Davis. “They call him Big Baby for a reason,” cracked the Big Diesel. “Because he’s my son.”

What about the performance of Paul Pierce over LeBron last night? Yeah James looked phenomenal throughout the game and put up some incredible numbers, but what happened down the stretch? Pierce was clutch as always while LeBron missed a 3 and surprised Anthony Parker with a pass for a crucial turnover. 

As my brother just said “dude 82-0 is realistic.” I don’t think Tommy Heinsohn even thinks that’s realistic but hey maybe 67?

While the Lakers looked pretty solid last night playing the Blake Griffin-less Clippers we can only hope Kobe gets jealous of Gasol’s newfound and ridiculous fame.


One Response to Every Erection is a Miracle

  1. Steve says:

    Sure, Marquis is great off the bench, but what can he do with an apple pie?

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