State of the Yankees: Part 3

Everyone has them.  Us included.  Of course we’re talking about friends that root for the Yankees.  Not opinions and assholes (we have them, too!)  Joining us for his latest dispatch on the state of the Yankees is TheBSN’s official graphic designer and pompous Yankee fan, Matthew Funtime.  His words are after these words.

Per Angels/Yankees of late, the series has been hard fought and amazing to witness thus far. Extra innings, huge home runs, retarded errors, blown calls, horrendous broadcasting and all the excitement that should be associated with the LCS are resplendent.

2-1 series lead for the Yankees, and we send ace CC to the hill tonight. I’m still pretty confident that we’ll win this series, but those horrible memories quickly hearken to the cockles of my jock. No reason to get huffy puffy yet – just string a few more wins together & everything will be right in the world yet again.

Bomber still have the advantage, but we mustn’t rest on our pinstripe festooned laurels.


One Response to State of the Yankees: Part 3

  1. Funtime says:

    One step closer to the show.

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