State of the Yankees: Volume 2

A-Rod with a clutch playoff series?!

A-Rod with a clutch playoff series?!

Everyone has them.  Us included.  Of course we’re talking about friends that root for the Yankees.  Not opinions and assholes (we have them, too!)  Joining us for his latest dispatch on the state of the Yankees is TheBSN’s official graphic designer and pompous Yankee fan, Matthew Funtime.  His words are after these words.  (For the first installment click here)

Hey Sports Fans!!

No better time to chime right in on a Boston based sports blog than today. Red Sox nation is swept away & the Yankees took care of business in the Metrodome. Pretty much optimum moment in spacetime to offer my boastful Yankee blathering.

I don’t feel bad for the Red Sox; I hate them. Though, I am not sure whom I’d rather face in the ALCS. Everybody knows that the Angels have had the Bombers’ number for a while now. Not sure but I think the Angels were the only team in the league to post a winning record against the Yanks this season. (someone wanna check on that..?)  Anyway, it sounds right. Frankly, the Angels are a better team – and though I wish heinous torture upon the Red Legs, I’d still rather take home the trophy when it’s all said and done. Angels have a good team, and it should be an interesting series to watch. Perhaps you Bostonites will still tune in considering how lackluster the Pats are….

Yanks are getting timely hitting, the bullpen is practically immaculate, and starting pitching has definitely held their own. Everybody seems loose and poised for some more postseason baseball. Naturally, I’m biased as fuck – but I think we keep it up. And, if we manage to extinguish the Halos, the NL won’t stand a chance.

At present, Phils hold 2-1 lead over the Rockies & the Dodgers are waiting in the wings. For history’s sake, I’d like to see the Yankees beat up on the Dodgers. But it’s definitely going to be strange seeing Joe Torre & Donnie Baseball wearing that faggy light blue in place of the majestic & legendary royal pinstripes of pride, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Series starts Friday in the Bronx. Baseball is awesome.


4 Responses to State of the Yankees: Volume 2

  1. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Clearly you don’t know how we operate…We will almost 100% not watch any of the ALCS. I hope Vlad gets his bat going and the Angels put you guys to bed unfortunately I don’t think anyone is stopping the Yanks this postseason.

    As for the Pats, they will be just fine. As I type this the B’s tied up the Avs 2-2 and the C’s are still a billion times better than the Knicks could ever dream of being even with LeBron (which will never happen). Enjoy your moment since it’s the first in a while for New Yorkers.

  2. tracking back State of the Yankees: Volume 2… tracking back State of the Yankees: Volume 2…

  3. DividedPie says:


  4. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Divided Pie thanks for the insight…you must have thought long and hard for that gem.

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