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I hate Philip Rivers but I hope he continues showing the love for Vincent Jackson.

I hate Philip Rivers but I hope he continues showing the love for Vincent Jackson.

Where do I even begin with my frustration for the current season. Oh, I know, let’s start here. My squad is currently 1-2 yet I have the second most points in my league (one point behind the leader), tied for the best breakdown but also tied for the hardest strength of schedule.  The next three weeks I play teams who are a combined 1-9 so hopefully my record will eventually reflect my rankings in the breakdown and total points, however with bye weeks and injuries who knows, right?


Another frustrating aspect to this start is that I currently have three of the top five Fantasy WR’s in Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson and Andre Johnson. Not to mention on my bench I have Kevin Walter, Johnny Knox and Mike Sims Walker. All this in a time when the WR pool is not that deep. Just to highlight here are some starting WR units in our league:

Exhibit A: Torry Holt, Hines Ward, TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Exhibit B: T.O., Eddie Royal, Jerricho Cotchery (team is 2-1)…FML.

Exhibit C: Lee Evans, Percy Harvin, Earl Bennett (team is 3-0)…kill me.

I even started to look for teams like these who were weak at WR, but for some reason none are compatible for trades at this time. I was recently offered Bears D for Kevin Walter. While Walter is only my #4 and we start 3 I still thought Walter had more value than a defense. I picked up SF off waivers and put them in over the struggling Redskins.

Here’s how my squad looks for this week: Kyle Orton (Matt Ryan on a bye), Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Kevin Walter (DeSean is on a bye), Tashard Choice (MB III is banged up), Ray Rice (Kevin Smith is banged up), Dustin Keller (better get involved with the offense again), Mason Crosby and SF D/ST. I’m feeling good about this week and hoping to get back to .500.

What’s going on in your Fantasy league? We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, issues, love stories, etc.


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