Fantasy Football: “I Didn’t Say I Would Kill You”


I find myself pulling a Serena Williams at the TV every Sunday and Monday during the NFL season.

I find myself pulling a Serena Williams at the TV every Sunday and Monday during the NFL season.

According to the New York Times Serena Williams released a statement Sunday where she did not apologize for her recent outburst at the US Open. Her ridiculous statement reminds me of how I feel every Sunday and Monday during the NFL season.


“Last night, everyone could truly see the passion I have for my job,” the statement said. “Now that I have had time to gain my composure, I can see that while I don’t agree with the unfair line call, in the heat of battle I let my passion and emotion get the better of me, and as a result handled the situation poorly.

Week 1 is in the books and I have had time to gain my composure. I had to deal with some unfair circumstances in the world of Fantasy Football, such as DeSean Jackson not showing up for me as a WR but scoring on a punt return while my opponent started the Eagles D/ST.

What can we expect in Week 2 from The Moonies (our league’s team name theme was porn titles):

QB: Matt Ryan- Matt Ryan got more love than his counterpart from last season, Joe Flacco, but already the tables have turned quickly, after Flacco’s Week 1 numbers against the lowly Chiefs. Ryan had a very steady outing against a solid Dolphins D. The Panthers provide a deceivingly decent pass defense, however Gonzalez and White should provide enough talent for Ryan to be a solid QB1.

RB: Marion Barber, Kevin Smith and Ray Rice- This is where things get tricky this week. Our league only starts 2 RB’s (the flex is a WR/TE position) and none of these guys are really #1 RB’s fantasy-wise. Last season Barber struggled against the Giants defense and the fact that he caught 0 passes in Week 1 is definitely concerning. The passing attack looked better than expected and hopefully will allow Barber more goal line carries. Barber is a lock to be in the lineup. After the draft I was excited to get Kevin Smith facing the Vikings in Week 2 without the vaunted Williams Will, alas, that did not happen after their NFL suspension was overturned by a Federal Court. Smith struggled mightily running the ball against a so-so Saints rush defense but the Lions managed to utilize Smith as a receiver a lot more. Smith also found the end zone which saved his week and he seems to be the only RB in Detroit which is also a big bonus. Rice on the other hand is the starter in Baltimore, which is just a dirty rushing attack. Rice, Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain were all relevant in the first week. Rice broke 100 yards rushing, however he lost touches on the goal line where McGahee scored twice and McClain once. The Chargers also struggled with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden Monday night so there is a lot of potential for Rice in Week 2. I think Rice as a leg up on Smith for this week, thoughts?

WR/TE: Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Dustin Keller and Zach Miller- We’re going to skip over AJ and VJ since they are must-starts at this point in time. DeSean was a major disappointment in Week 1 and it does not help his cause that Donovan McNabb is banged up with a chance of missing the game against the Saints. Jackson has the potential to be a possession receiver for any of the backups (Jeff Garcia or Kevin Kolb) and break one or two but is it wort the risk? Kevin Walter is banged up so the backup for DeSean at this point in time would be one of the TE’s. Keller and Miller have the potential to be the leading receivers on their respective teams however both have struggled to find the end zone. Would you start one of them over DeSean? If not, which TE has the edge over the other?

Obviously there are many other debates going on in the Fantasy world and we’d love to hear your lineup questions and suggestions.


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