Bruins Season Ticket Holder Draft

This season marks the second year of having Bruins season tickets with my friends Jon, Steve and Chris.  We have 2 seats between the 4 of us, so we need figure out how to dole out the tickets.  What’s the best way to decide who goes to what game?  DRAFT!

So, last night we gathered for the 2nd Annual Draft/End of Summer Party. (LAST YEAR’S DRAFT RECAP)

Draft board gets intense.

Draft board gets intense.

Here are the ground rules:

  • Opening Night, Winter Classic are off-limits
  • Snake format
  • Last pick in last year’s draft (Steve) picks 1st
  • Order of remaining 3 picks are chosen out of a hat
  • Picks are denoted on calendar with person’s assigned color (Jeff – Red, Steve – Yellow, Chris – Green, Jon – Blue)
  • Stickers must be extremely goofy smiley faces

This year, I was a bit more excited as a high amount of Bruins games fell on my days off (I can only attend Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday night games.)

Here’s how I did within those restrictions:

Thursday, October 1 v. Washington – Opening Night.  We’re all going and this is going to be madness.  Second time I’ll ever see Ovechkin live.  He’s amazing to see in person.  The only time you won’t panic when he has the puck is if he’s behind his own net.
Saturday, October 3 v. Carolina – Punch Scott Walker in the face night!  This is the second game of the year and was part of my Fuck You ____ Back to Back Picks.   For the record it went Fuck You Mike Komisarek followed by Fuck You Scott Walker.
Thursday, October 8 v. Anaheim – Am I going to the first 3 home games of the year?  Oh hell yes!  Never seen the Ducks before and can’t wait to see Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan!
Wednesday, October 21 v. Nashville – I believe this was my last overall pick and it could turn out to be Phil Kessel’s return to Boston if the rumors are true.  Also, never seen the Preds.
Thursday, October 29 v. New Jersey – 5th October game!  This was on the board for awhile and I’m surprised.  “Have fun at that 1-0 game,” Jon taunted.  I disagree, I think these games have been intense the past 2 seasons.
Thursday, November 5 v. Montreal – My first overall pick (#4) and the first Bruins-Habs game of the year.  Not much to say about this other than it’s the most intense, frenzied crowd of the year.  Here’s a recap from last year.

Wednesday, December 30 v. Atlanta
– Typical late round Thrasher game on a day off.  Hey, things happen.  Plus…. Kovalchuk?
Saturday, January 30 v. Los Angeles – I’ve never seen the Kings and I’m becoming a big Dustin Brown fan.  Saturday night games rule.
Thursday, March 4 v. Toronto – The aforementioned Fuck You Mike Komisarek Game!  Also a possible Phil Kessel’s Return Game.  Prediction: B’s-Leafs games are going to be BLOODY this year.
Thursday, March 25 v. Tampa Bay – Typical late round Lightning game on a day off.  Had a choice between Tampa Bay and Florida.  Seen Stamkos?

Thursday, April 8 v. Buffalo
– Wanted to spread things out, or at least try to.  This is the 2nd to last home game of the year.  It’s always fun seeing BuffaZzzzzzz…. Oh sorry.



Notable: First game picked overall: 1/7 vs Chicago.  Randomly hardest game to draft:  January Flames game.  Lots of scheduling conflicts kept this killer game on the board for awhile.  Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins were on the board longer than expected.


4 Responses to Bruins Season Ticket Holder Draft

  1. John says:

    Who gets the Winter Classic game?

  2. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Top Jeff can’t be happy that I’ll be at the Winter Classic and he’ll be selling his tickets

  3. yellow smiley face says:

    We all try and get another set of winter classic tix.
    If we do, we all go, if we don’t, we sell.

    Also – I got the flames in the last round, not too shabby.

  4. Tnelson says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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