Bruins Winter Classic Jerseys Leaked? (UPDATED)

This image was leaked from an NHL promotional video. Check out the rendering based on the jersey in Tim Thomas’ bag.

Mock-up based on leaked photo

Mock-up based on leaked photo. Thanks to Jeff V. for the mockup!



8 Responses to Bruins Winter Classic Jerseys Leaked? (UPDATED)

  1. Thanks for posting the mockup pic! A friend of mine asked for it so he could put it on a forum, so I whipped it up for him. Good to see I wasn’t far off.

  2. Top Jeff says:

    Thank you Jeff. I’m going to add a credit to you in the body of the post. Had previously just seen it floating around a few boards.

  3. ranold26 says:

    That is the weakest/lamest jersey I have ever seen

    • Richie Orr says:

      Look in the mirror if you wanna see weak you punk ass kid, And pull ya pants up punk. Your suppose to keep your underwear on the inside of your pants hence the name UNDER WEAR. Get a clue

  4. Top Jeff says:

    Havent you already seen their third jerseys?!

    I think these are pretty sweet.

  5. […] Yesterday I was able to confirm that the leak we’ve been seeing around the webs, including right here on The Boston Sports Network, is […]

  6. Alyse says:

    The crest is pretty weak looking to me..very animated. I understand the history but I would have much rathered the B circa 1960’s. REALLY happy they decided to go brown and gold though.

  7. […] “Leaked” photo of the potential Bruins Winter Classic Jersey was posted on the other day. I have mixed […]

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