Adopted College Football Teams

There are no good college football teams in the Northeast.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • UCONN isn’t established enough.
  • Syracuse perennially blows, despite being on TV in Boston every fucking weekend.
  • Boston College has a history of choking that is almost unrivaled.  Also, no one cares about them.  To wit:  Boston is a sports mad town, just rabid.  The Revolution led the MLS in attendance for about a decade, for Christ’s sake.  That being said, I only know one person who has ever attended a BC Eagles game.  It was my brother and he was 12.  I don’t even know where Alumni Stadium is and I fucking lived in Newton for 3 years.

So, this leads many a person up here to adopt a team.   More than likely, it’s your alma mater or a family member’s.  Well, not many people I know went to BCS schools.  My middle brother and I both went to I-AA schools (aka Division I Football Championship Subdivision blah blah blah) and as you can tell by this “action” photo between our two alma maters, rooting for I-AA schools is fucking stupid:

Hofstra. URI. Feel the intensity!

Hofstra. URI. Feel the intensity!

So, we’re left elsewhere to find our NCAA rooting interests.  Here are mine:

– Arizona Wildcats – My youngest brother smartened up and decided to go to a school known better for athletics than academics (sorry Mom) so the Wildcats have become a rooting interest.  Yea, they’re Pac-10 and definitely not the best in the conference, but that makes it more fun to cheer them on.  Also, Arizona – Arizona State remains the only big time college football game I’ve ever attended.  The result was fantastic:

– Texas Longhorns – You know how vacation destinations hold a special place in your heart?  Well, Austin’s like that for me and, consequently, so are the Longhorns.

I made my first trip to Austin for the 2005 Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Best. City. Ever.  3 months later, the Longhorns beat USC to win a National Title in the greatest college football game I’ve ever watched.

The following year, my friends and I walked UT’s campus (gorgeous) then snuck into Darrel K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium a few days before the 2006 version of ACL Fest.  Just amazing.  It was like walking into the Coliseum for the first time.  Especially considering I was used to this.

So, BCS orphans, who do you root for?  I’ve noticed lots of Facebook love for Michigan and Notre Dame today.  Where do your loyalties lie?


One Response to Adopted College Football Teams

  1. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    To be honest, I sit on my couch every Saturday and have never adopted a team…even though there is no such thing as Boston University football any more. Tear. I guess if I have to pick I’d go with BYU and Boise State this year. I hate the BCS system so much so I’m pulling for a couple of solid non-BCS clubs (BCS Busters as they’re called) to come in and fuck shit up.

    Two teams I always root against: Boston College (worst fans in the history of college sports) and Notre Dame. Lou Holtz can take his lisp and put his mouth on Touchdown Jesus’s hog. Notre Dame will NOT be in the National Championship game this year.

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