John Calipari Leads Another Team to the Terrific Three

Will Coach Cal lead Kentucky to a Terrific Three?

Will Coach Cal lead Kentucky to a Terrific Three?

The ruling is schedule to come out tonight, but does anyone doubt that former Memphis head coach John Calipari will have his 2007-2008 season vacated? While Coach Cal is not implicated in the current case he will lose an NCAA single-season record 38 wins and yet another run to the Final Four. The major issue is an alleged fraudulent SAT score by none other than the star of that Memphis team Derrick Rose.

Seems eerily similar to 1996 when Calipari’s shady leadership qualities brought UMass to a Final Four only to have that run vacated as well. For Memphis fans that might mean a trip back to mediocrity for the next 10+ years and who knows maybe they’ll hire Bruiser Flint and Steve Lappas in the process.

Does anyone think Kentucky knows what they’re getting themselves into? I mean I guess it’s not as bad as having unprotected sex with a woman who isn’t your wife in a restaurant and then paying her $3,000 to kill the fetus (hello Rick Pitino thanks for setting the Celtics back a decade with your love for Travis Knight, Chris Mills and Kenny Anderson), but then again Pitino’s Final Four banners are all still hanging from the rafters.


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