Bar Exam to Mock Drafts

Is Brees worth keeping?

Is Brees worth keeping?

Yes, it’s true, I am Jewish and I did attend law school, so what am I doing with my life now? Glad you asked.

Since I’m one of the lucky 10% in the country without a full time job, despite my fancy Juris Doctor degree, I am given a golden opportunity to prepare for my upcoming Fantasy Football Draft. I spent all summer sitting inside the Washington Square Starbucks listening to the crappy new Dave Matthews album while learning that a Fee Simple Determinable always goes with a Possibility of Reverter. Today, I sit on my couch wondering if Drew Brees and his mole are worth keeping and giving up a First Round pick for.

Last night I did my third mock draft on CBS and some guy admitted he has done more than 50! Here I was feeling sorry for myself that I’m overweight and unemployed, but hey at least I haven’t done more than 50 Fantasy Football mock drafts…yet.


5 Responses to Bar Exam to Mock Drafts

  1. temphottie says:

    LOLOL!!! Funny post. I’m a fellow lawyer (I do mostly doc review). What do you want to do? Work at a firm job?

  2. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Thanks for the support! In all honesty I never wanted to practice law but hoped it would help advance my career in the media…not looking good right now so I’m just focusing on Fantasy Football!

    What are you looking to do other than spread the love of our pretty awesome new site…

  3. Top Jeff says:

    You should pioneer a new brand of law. Fantasy Law. Think of all the bitching that goes down about shady trades, etc. Fantasy Law Trade Negotiator.

  4. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    if it allows me to make a living sitting on my couch then yes please

  5. temphottie says:

    Hm, I’m not sure yet, to be honest. Nothing involving sports though 😉 though your blog is interesting. When you’re saying media, do you mean like a sports commentator? That would be cool–you could have your own show, and you’d be different from all the rest because you could throw in, “Back when I was practicing law, etc. etc.”

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